What to Expect

With cloud migrations and digital transformation projects a top priority for many organizations, many security and application teams are developing a long list of deliverables to accomplish these projects. Is business-critical application security a highly prioritized item on this list? Does your organization have a transformation roadmap for your SAP and Oracle EBS applications with security being a step-by-step piece of the project?

During this informative half-day event, attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from industry experts, Onapsis experts, and their peers about how to make security an enabler instead of a roadblock in critical cloud and transformation projects. Learn how to properly communicate with all project stakeholders to ensure visibility and secure migration of your most critical SAP and Oracle applications.

Additional Topics to be Discussed

  • Securing S/4 HANA migrations
  • Current trends in SAP and Oracle cloud security based on research from the Cloud Security Alliance ERP Security Working Group
  • The importance of securing mobile applications
  • Maximizing internal audit teams to ensure security and compliance of business-critical applications

Who Should Attend?

CISOs and InfoSec Teams

Security teams will learn:

  • How to extend your team’s security expertise to include SAP and Oracle applications and eliminate a blind spot in the organization
  • How to achieve ERP security, while also filling key compliance mandates including GDPR
  • The importance of integrating SAP into existing security and compliance technologies

Audit Teams

Audit Teams will learn:

  • How to quickly prepare your critical applications for 3rd party audits, including GDPR
  • The benefits of automating internal audit and compliance checks and data gathering
  • How automating compensating controls and continuous monitoring can keep you on top of compliance failures in SAP and Oracle applications

SAP and Oracle Application Security Teams

Application teams will learn:

  • Security implementation strategies and effective solutions based on the experience of Onapsis experts and customers
  • How to be an enabler in complex cloud and digital transformation projects to ensure your critical SAP or Oracle applications keep running
  • How to align with internal departments to ensure uptime and security of critical applications

SAP BASIS and Oracle DBAs

These teams will learn:

  • How automation can save hundreds of man hours that were previously spent on manual audit, compliance and security data gathering and investigation
  • How to prioritize SAP and Oracle EBS security patches and apply them effectively in your organization
  • How to investigate and understand the impact of patches on your standard change control and update process