New SAP & Onapsis Threat Intelligence: Active Cyberattacks on Business-Critical SAP Applications

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The Onapsis Platform

Powered by the Onapsis Research Labs

Gain visibility, intelligence, and speed to secure your cloud, hybrid and on-premise business-critical applications.

Vulnerability Management

Secure what your traditional vulnerability management tools don't: your business- critical applications.

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Threat Detection & Response

Gain visibility, context, and the ability to quickly respond to threats facing your essential systems.

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Compliance Automation

Remedy the extensive time commitment and overall burden of manually testing IT general controls for SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications.

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Application Security Testing

Automated security testing designed for your business-critical applications allows for quick identification of issues before they can cause problems.

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Securing Business-Critical Applications Since 2009

business applications protected

zero-days found

suspicious activities detected per year

automated compliance audits performed yearly

automated security assessments performed yearly

We protect business-critical data for 300+ global businesses, including 20% of the Fortune 100

Powered by Onapsis Research Labs

Cyber threats evolve by the hour. The Onapsis Research Labs tracks, identifies, and defends against these emerging threats. Here, our team of cybersecurity experts post advisories, publications, and threat reports that will help you secure your business-critical applications. Stay up to date on threats by frequently visiting our Onapsis Research Labs page and keep your business safe.

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The business-critical applications we secure.


Today, threat actors have the deep expertise and the means to target every aspect of your company’s SAP footprint. Stay one step ahead of them.

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The shift to digital readiness can leave your company vulnerable to cyber threats, downtime and compliance violations. We'll keep your Oracle deployments protected and compliant.

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Cloud-Based Business Applications

Built-in security features in cloud-based business applications like Salesforce and Workday provide some security, but they lack the depth and breadth of insight you need to address and avoid all types of risk.

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Partnered with—and proudly endorsed by—some of the largest, most recognized businesses in the world.

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See how Levi's protected their business-critical applications with Onapsis

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Learn from cybersecurity experts

Learn cybersecurity strategies and insights with a library of materials from our very own Onapsis experts. With knowledge comes confidence.

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Active Cyberattacks on Business-Critical SAP Applications

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Aberdeen Onapsis Protecting Your Mission-Critical App: How to (Properly) Understand Your Risks

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