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The world of business-critical application security and compliance is dynamic, with new developments happening on a continuous basis. Read our blog posts for recommendations, insights and observations on the latest news for safeguarding your SAP® and Oracle® applications.


SAP Security Notes February 2020: Calm Times Are Over—19 New SAP Security Notes and Root Access at Risk

Today, SAP released its monthly patch updates with several fixes, including 12 new SAP Security Notes, 1 High Priority Note, 10 of Medium Priority and 1 with Low Priority. The Onapsis Research Labs contributed more than 30% of the new SAP Security Notes published this month, not considering re-released ones.

SAP Security Notes September ‘19: Critical Solution Manager Patch Now Available for Windows

Today, SAP published its monthly Security Notes for September 2019. We are proud to announce that two of our reported vulnerabilities resulted in fixes that are now available for all SAP customers, furthering our joint effort to make SAP systems more secure.
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