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The Blindspot No One Is Talking About… but Hackers Are Targeting

The Blindspot No One Is Talking About… but Hackers Are Targeting

Accenture and Onapsis have partnered to provide clients with unparalleled visibility, incident response, management and compliance for business-critical applications. Together by bundling security into one holistic program, Accenture clients will experience the powerful integration of the Onapsis Security Platform (OSP) with Splunk Enterprise providing the most comprehensive solution for continuous monitoring of SAP systems. 
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TLS: Much More Than a Compliance Requirement

You may have heard about SSL/TLS, especially in 2018 when more widespread Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) adoption pushed by web browsers and PCI council advisory about the future deprecations of early versions of TLS (Transport Layer Security). This is a basic guide what it is, how it works, and why we should implement it in our SAP systems.
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SAP Security Notes November 2017: Don't Get Too Comfortable, Hot News is Back

Today SAP has released another batch of its security notes, a regular event which happens every second Tuesday of the month. The total number of notes this month is 32, of which 18 have been released today. The other 14 notes have been released in the course of the past month. Those notes generally concerned re-releases. 

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