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Overall, we found Onapsis to be a very advanced example of what a large-scale ERP security auditing system should be.

- SC Magazine -

We realized that SAP security is more than just profiles, roles and access rights, and that we needed to cover SAP vulnerabilities at all layers.

The Onapsis Security Platform provides a behavioral-based, preventative, detective and context-aware approach to validate and prioritize each anomaly or threat against business-critical applications and data including ERP, HCM, BI, CRM and SCM.

With a focus on SAP and leveraging continuous monitoring the Onapsis Platform provides organizations with an adaptive approach to assess, comply detect and respond with the ability to focus on the factors that matter most to their business – risks to critical applications that house vital data and run mission-critical business processes. Onapsis Security Platform provides for vulnerability assessments, compliance gap analysis, detection and response including SAP HANA, SAP ABAP & JAVA applications.

Vulnerability and Compliance

Vulnerability and Compliance

  • Identify all SAP infrastructure and generate graphical topology maps along with the connections between systems and applications.
  • Assess risks based on vulnerabilities and tie business context into remediation planning processes.
  • Performs audits to Identify compliance gaps and enforce requirements based on policies and industry regulations.

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Detection and Response

Detection and Response

  • Continuous monitoring of advanced threats and anomalous user behavior on SAP infrastructure. 
  • Provides visibility into attacks, with context, to determine if the attack is likely to be successful. 
  • Leverages real-time reporting on the likelihood and impact of threats against SAP exploits.
  • Delivers attack signatures to respond to anomalous user behaviors. 
  • Detects system changes that make organizations vulnerable to attack.

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Detection and Response

Advanced Threat Protection

  • Delivers release security notes and updates to SAP customers to eliminate
    the risks. 
  • Eliminates the window of exploitability and protects customers against known but not published vulnerabilities.  
  • Customers who subscribe to Advanced Threat Protection receive signatures for vulnerability exploitation attempts and for protection against zero day attacks.

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Onapsis Security Platform Architecture

The Onapsis Security Platform provides the underlying functionality for all Onapsis Solutions including Onapsis Vulnerability and Compliance as well as Detection and Response. Key functionality includes.

OSP Architecture

Key functionality includes for the Onapsis Security Platform:

  • Open APIs that allow you to integrate into current controls and processes
  • Incorporate Onapsis into your vulnerability management and risk/threat detection processes.
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Web user interface for multi-user and role based access control support
  • Cloud Ready
  • Distributed architecture
  • Secure storage and communication of sensitive data

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