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Working at Onapsis has allowed me to advance my career, work with a great team and have a blast all at the same time.
Love free beer Thursdays!!

David Baxter, BDR Manager

Onapsis is the adaptive advantage for business-critical application security success. It achieves this by bringing together security technology, expertise and analytics to uncover and prioritize the resolution of security gaps within business–critical applications. This decreases business risk, clarifies compliance gaps and drives value on investment.

Organizations lean on Onapsis because of our ability to translate how all the critical application security elements need to fit together, and we have the tools to put what we know into action. Onapsis technology solutions enables organizations to continuously monitor for vulnerabilities and compliance mandates affecting ERP, HCM, BI, CRM and SCM and platforms such as Oracle and SAP. Onapsis solutions also provide a way to detect and respond to behavioral anomalies from several months to a few days.

Onapsis Research Labs’ security experts are trusted by both vendors and users for their sound security judgment. They are a source of analysis and security insights through ongoing advisories, signatures and their vulnerability research. This expert research is integrated via feeds and signatures into the company’s technologies: Onapsis X1 and Onapsis Business Application Security Platform products.

This combination of security technology, domain expertise, research and analytics gives Onapsis’ partners
and customers the visibility, confidence and control over the factors that matter most: business–critical
application security.

The security industry is changing fast. Onapsis delivers an adaptive advantage with the strategic foresight and tactical clarity that keeps its customers prepared in an ever-evolving threat landscape and to meet clients’ business security and compliance needs. Key benefits include:

  • Value on Investment that maps to today’s client needs.
  • Behavioral based solution with preventative, and detective capabilities and provides a context-aware approach to prioritize the resolution of each security and compliance issue.
  • Gain visibility of risks, vulnerabilities and compliance issues that span across ERP, HCM, SCM, CRM, BI and support SAP and Oracle
  • Decrease exposure to financial risks; enforced compliance requirements; protection against external hackers and the insider threat; and drastically reduced audit costs
  • Detection and prevention of attacks against SAP and other leading ERP platforms.
  • Access to the largest knowledge-base of SAP attack signatures and monthly updates with the latest vulnerability signatures from the renowned Onapsis Research Labs


Hundreds of Global 2000 organizations world-wide use Onapsis solutions, domain expertise, research and analytics to increase visibility, confidence and control over the factors that matter most: business–critical application security.