SAP® HCM Resilience

Protect confidential employee data from external and internal threats.

What is

The SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) module supports all human resources processes and provides a framework to automate HR services, such as payroll, benefits, personnel activity and compliance. It stores a wealth of employee data, including role, designation, salary details, address, social security details and more.

Why Should
I Care?

Your organization’s SAP HCM system contains sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, making it essential that you protect it from both insider and outsider threats. In addition, your HCM system data is required to comply with many important regulatory mandates such as GDPR, SOX, PCI and NIST.

The Onapsis Solution

Secure personally identifiable data and maintain compliance

Onapsis provides security checks for all SAP HCM modules—seamlessly running on public, private, hybrid or on-premises implementations. It continuously monitors the system to provide you with a near real-time view of its quality, compliance and security status. As a result, you get vital threat intelligence and visibility into attacks, plus assured IT controls. The Onapsis Research Labs focuses on securing the SAP NetWeaver® Application Server ABAP platform, upon which your HCM system is based, so you can rest assured you are protected.


The Onapsis

The Onapsis Platform delivers a near real-time preventive, detective and corrective approach for securing SAP systems, whether deployed on-premises, or in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment. The Onapsis Platform provides unmatched coverage and protection across SAP NetWeaver, ABAP®, J2EE, SAP HANA® and S/4HANA® platforms. The platform integrates with network security, GRC solutions, SIEM solutions and workflows as well as leading cloud providers. 

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Onapsis offers a complimentary assessment of your SAP and Oracle EBS systems to discover where risks and attack surfaces exist within your environment, including business impact, exploit potential, and compliance violations.

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