For many enterprise organizations, business-critical applications such as SAP® and Oracle® EBS are a blind spot—difficult to assess for code quality, application-layer and system-level vulnerabilities, and disconnected from cybersecurity teams' detection, monitoring and response tools. If breached by external attackers or mistakenly altered and left exposed by employees, downtime of these systems can stop business operations and expose highly regulated and sensitive data.

How it works

Assess from Onapsis

Assess from Onapsis delivers actionable intelligence so development and security teams can quickly and easily discover, assess, eliminate application vulnerabilities, and prioritize and improve code quality.

Discovery: Application system-level analysis, native code, interface and transport generates graphical maps and creates inventories of ERP systems to guide interactive discovery and landscape profiling.

Prioritization: Proactive identification and measurement of exposure to vulnerabilities and exploits within ERP applications help prioritize patching by identifying risks and compliance requirements failures.

Remediation: Manage and remediate code and system vulnerabilities with "one click” based on holistic machine analysis of transaction reports and assessment reports. 


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Examine the operational risk and cybersecurity posture of your business-critical applications to determine the potential impact of sub-optimal application performance, unplanned downtime and an attack on your organization’s ERP platforms.