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Waldo Spek

Security Researcher

Before joining Onapsis as a security researcher, Waldo gained several years of experience working as a security engineer and consultant in the Dutch InfoSec industry. With a predominant focus around enterprise grade firewalls he has worked the whole project chain from presales, to design, to implementation, project management and technical assistance. Combining a background in software development with information security, his work at Onapsis essentially involves analyzing vendor content and incorporating that knowledge within the Onapsis Security Platform product. Additionally he contributes to the Onapsis bibliography by writing content like blog posts and whitepapers.

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SAP Security Notes November 2017: Don't Get Too Comfortable, Hot News is Back

Today SAP has released another batch of its security notes, a regular event which happens every second Tuesday of the month. The total number of notes this month is 32, of which 18 have been released today. The other 14 notes have been released in the course of the past month. Those notes generally concerned re-releases. 

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GDPR and SAP: Will it Affect You and What Steps You Can Take Now

At Onapsis we recognize that information security means more than just protecting your business-critical applications from possible invaders. Worldwide, we see cybersecurity regulations maturing, leading to added pressure for companies to stay compliant. It is clear that, apart from the obvious technical component, the legal aspects of the information security domain demand a growing slice of attention to maintain business prosperity.

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