Having visibility and control as you move your business-critical applications to the cloud is essential. Using the Onapsis Security Platform gives you knowledge and insights about the risks to ensure compliance in your cloud environment throughout each stage of the deployment and allows you to benefit from the cost savings and agility of running your ERP landscape in the cloud.

Sebastián Monaco
Cybersecurity Technical Leader at MercadoLibre

"We were happy to realize that we could leverage our existing relationship with Onapsis to extend the coverage of OSP into our AWS cloud implementation, all while not compromising on the visibility and security controls we currently have. Using OSP, we were able to ensure control over the security and compliance of our critical SAP systems, for both on-premise or in a public cloud."

Shared Responsibility

Cloud providers have a shared responsibility model for Infrastructure as a Service deployments and they are generally responsible for “security of the cloud.” You, as their customer, have the responsibility for “security in the cloud,” meaning the protection of users, data, platforms, applications, endpoints and network — including their configuration.

Improve your risk posture as you move to the cloud

You partner with cloud providers to boost cost efficiency and scale up or down according to your business needs. As you experience the benefits of moving to the cloud, Onapsis ensures that you have tight security and compliance controls around your ERP application layer to improve your risk posture.

Protection & risk management in the cloud

Continuously monitor to detect external attacks or internal misuse that pose a threat to your environment or put it out of compliance — whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Vulnerability of cloud assets

Perform vulnerability assessments for all the assets in the cloud and prioritize your remediation actions based on criticality and impact.

Policy enforcement & compliance

Lock down configuration parameters to ensure your systems remain in a secure and compliant state, even in the cloud.

Cloud Integrations

Native integration with Azure

We scan your ERP environments deployed in Azure with the same level of rigor as your on-prem systems. Our native integration allows us to gather vulnerability data and send it to the Onapsis Security Platform for management, prioritization and remediation. You can aggregate incidents for further analysis in your SIEM. Using Azure’s OMS agent, you can monitor and manage OSP in your cloud landscape. Additionally, you get streamlined provisioning in the cloud with our Azure integration.

Integration with AWS, G-Cloud, SAP Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Whether you use Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, SAP HEC or Oracle Cloud for your ERP systems, the Onapsis Security Platform provides solutions for assessing the security and compliance risk of your ERP systems in the cloud.