Automated Compliance Checking

Personas: Internal Auditors, IT Security, SAP Security


Internal audit & compliance teams are tasked with ensuring that an organization meets its required compliance standards and mandates. This is a common and necessary practice in Information Security, however, because of the complexity of organization’s SAP implementations, maintaining proper audit processes may be a challenge.

With the Onapsis Security Platform, a user will be provided the ability to identify the current compliance posture of a specific asset or a set of assets. These findings can then be validated against a standard policy such as PCI, SoX or a custom internal standard. To further reduce audit times and automate the process, the reports are stored in a central location and easy to access.

The Onapsis Security Platform is the first SAP cyber-security solution that combines vulnerability, compliance, detection, and response capabilities that traditional security solutions do not provide.

Through continuous monitoring, the Onapsis Security Platform (OSP) delivers a near real-time preventative, detective and corrective approach for securing SAP systems and applications whether deployed on-premise, or in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment. The Onapsis Security Platform provides unmatched coverage and protection with context-aware insight across SAP NetWeaver, ABAP, J2EE, HANA, Mobile and BusinessObjects platforms.