Ensure your SAP systems are secure by incorporating advanced security measures.

Traditional security measures like segregation of duties and access controls do not protect an organization's key systems. Unpatched systems and misconfigurations also leave SAP systems completely exposed.

As a piece of the IT landscape that holds your most critical business processes and sensitive information, your SAP systems require attention. These business-critical ERP systems involve constantly evolving complex landscapes that hold the mission critical data  of the business. They are routinely the target of sophisticated attacks by internal and external threat actors and the subject of deep scrutiny by external auditors.

Gain control of your SAP systems and maintain responsibility for the cybersecurity of your critical data with the Onapsis Security Platform.

With Onapsis you can:

  • Work in sync with security teams to establish that key SAP systems and applications are secure and meet compliance requirements
  • Reduce costs, improve system reliability and maintain complex SAP landscapes
  • Automate the mapping of the SAP landscapes and the connection between systems to identify potential threats, vulnerabilities and compliance gaps
  • Obtain key information on security vulnerabilities to assist with patch prioritization and system update schedules