Ensure your Oracle EBS systems are secure by incorporating advanced security measures.

As an Oracle DBA and IT security professional, you are familiar with traditional security measures such as segregation of duties and application access controls; however, there is more to be done when protecting Oracle EBS  systems. Unpatched systems and insecure configurations may leave your systems completely exposed.

Business-critical Oracle systems involve constantly evolving complex landscapes that hold the mission critical data of the business. They are routinely the target of sophisticated attacks by internal and external threat actors and the subject of deep scrutiny by external auditors.

Gain control of your Oracle EBS systems  and maintain responsibility for the cybersecurity of your critical data with the Onapsis Security Platform.

With Onapsis you can actively monitor for:

  • Dangerous system configurations
  • Updated and properly configured security patches
  • Authorizations that offer potential opportunities for malicious or excessive use
  • Indicators of compromise resulting from the exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Correct TLS configurations
  • Default passwords and weak password policies