Uphold organizational processes and policies to ensure success by including SAP and Oracle in your strategy.

Internal Audit teams value independent and objective assurance that compliance measures are met throughout all company operations. Your SAP and Oracle EBS systems play a vital role in your company’s operations and should be a part of your risk management strategy.

As a piece of the organization that holds your most critical business processes and sensitive information, your SAP and Oracle systems require attention. These business-critical ERP systems involve constantly evolving complex landscapes that hold the mission critical data of the business. They are routinely the target of sophisticated attacks by internal and external threat actors and the subject of deep scrutiny by external auditors.

Gain control of your ERP systems and maintain responsibility for the cybersecurity of your critical data with the Onapsis Security Platform.

With Onapsis you can:

  • Define security baselines for systems and continuously monitor for compliance violations and detected deviations
  • Actively monitor all SAP and Oracle EBS systems to ensure that all audit log files are properly recorded and saved
  • Enable process automation to actively monitor the security configurations of systems accessed by IT employees, outside contractors and third-party system integrators
  • Create, track and measure remediation action plans
  • Support compliance initiatives such as PCI DSS, SOX, NERC CIP, ISACA
  • Actively run SOX and GDPR compliance checks