Reduce your organization’s risk by including SAP and Oracle in your overall risk management strategy.

As a C-Level security professional you are tasked with managing the biggest cybersecurity risks to the business, including tracking those risks against key systems and data, reducing compliance risk exposure and aligning the security strategy to the business risk acceptance.

Do you know the cybersecurity and compliance risks associated with your SAP and Oracle EBS systems?

These business-critical ERP systems involve constantly evolving complex landscapes that hold the mission critical data of the business. They are routinely the target of sophisticated attacks by internal and external threat actors and the subject of deep scrutiny by external auditors.

Gain control of your ERP systems and maintain responsibility for the cybersecurity of your financial data with the Onapsis Security Platform.

With Onapsis you can:

  • Apply intelligence about new vulnerabilities to improve the security posture against advanced targeted attacks
  • Automate comprehensive security assessments, penetration testing and security audits against your SAP and Oracle EBS systems
  • Incorporate security measures for your SAP and Oracle EBS  systems  into your current InfoSec processes
  • Integrate into existing security and compliance technologies including GRC, SIEM, Network Security and Security Operations Management
  • Go beyond segregation of duties by performing comprehensive security assessments, penetration testing and security audits against business-critical systems
  • Report risks and compliance issues on as part of a continuous monitoring, vulnerability assessment and compliance audit initiatives