Maintain your organization’s financial integrity by including SAP and Oracle systems in your strategy.

As a member of the Audit Committee, you have oversight and serve as a check and balance for the company’s financial systems. It’s imperative to have a way to easily maintain internal controls, checks and balances and confirm the integrity of the company’s financial information.

As a piece of the organization that holds your most critical business processes and sensitive information, your SAP and Oracle systems require attention. These business-critical ERP systems involve constantly evolving complex landscapes that hold your mission critical data for the business. Your ERP systems are routinely the target of sophisticated attacks by internal and external threat actors and the subject of deep scrutiny by external auditors.

Gain control of your ERP systems and maintain responsibility for the cybersecurity of your critical data with the Onapsis Security Platform.

With Onapsis you can:

  • Ensure that financial information residing in business-critical applications, such as SAP and Oracle EBS, are protected from cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Validate that your SAP and Oracle EBS systems and related processes meet or exceed all security and compliance requirements
  • Eliminate the surprise that outside consultants and third-party system integrators , accessing your ERP systems, may not be following your company’s policies for security and governance
  • Enable your internal and external auditors to anticipate roadblocks to security and respond when issues arises, reducing the risk of a material audit finding