Onapsis vulnerability assessment services allow you to detect existing security vulnerabilities currently placing your organizations' SAP or Oracle systems at risk of being externally accessed.

Using solutions and expertise developed from thousands of SAP security engagements, Onapsis consultants perform a remote black box assessment of the target platforms without requiring initial user access credentials to the system.

Additionally, Onapsis's vulnerability assessment service leverages the most advanced research available from the Onapsis Research Labs. In order to stay ahead of potential security threats, Onapsis consultants regularly perform comprehensive vulnerability assessments. This allows our team to detect and identify specific vulnerabilities in all components of the target platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick identification of critical vulnerabilities affecting your ERP implementation at the application layer
  • Deep dive analysis and identification of vulnerabilities existing on the network, operating system and database layers
  • Comprehensive review of ERP security posture and potential exposure of vital systems and information to external or internal attacks
  • Integration best practices and alignment to vulnerability assessment processes already in use by security teams
  • Increased visibility of risks, vulnerabilities and compliance issues that span across SAP and Oracle ERP, HCM, SCM, CRM and BI applications
  • Best practice planning around mitigating discovered risks with the goal of increasing the security posture and connections to key systems


  • Executive summary of detected vulnerabilities and the possible impacts for the business
  • Detailed technical report detailing detected vulnerabilities and associated risks
  • Mitigation plan report outlining a step-by-step action plan with detailed mitigation activities for each detected issue

To learn more about how Onapsis security services can assist your company, please contact us here.