Onapsis provides in-company seminars to ensure that clients have a streamlined understanding of potential threats and how to mitigate them.

During each training session, our experts work with participants to review the full scope of potential threats ranging from the security of the environment and the SAP application-level gateways (SAProuter, Webdispatcher), through the assessment and hardening of the operating systems and databases. Additionally, participants will learn how their operating systems and databases interact with SAP systems and will review the security of the SAP application layer: authentication, user security, password policies, authorization subsystem, interface security, component security, auditing, monitoring and more.

Since 2009, experts from the Onapsis Research Labs have been invited to by industry leaders to hold presentation and trainings throughout international security conferences including Blackhat (USA), Ekoparty (Argentina), SANSFire (Australia), Deepsec (Austria), Hack in the box (Malaysia) and Hacker Halted (USA).

Additionally, our experts are regularly contracted to instruct internal staff in Fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations and defense contractors.

Key Benefits:

  • Better understand the involved threats and risks to your SAP platforms and how to mitigate them
  • Learn how to assess the security of an SAP implementation and secure the critical security gaps you discovered
  • Understand how to use different SAP security tools, as well as the publicly- available SAP Penetration Testing Framework 


  • Two-day on-site training with Onapsis consultants

To learn more about how Onapsis's Training and Certification services can assist your company, please contact us here.