Penetration testing simulates the process used by malicious attackers to access your SAP or Oracle business-critical applications. The idea is to attack yourself before an outsider attacks you.

Our experts replicate the behavior of a potential attacker by first identifying target ERP systems in your network. Next, existing vulnerabilities are detected and used as a point of access to the systems. Once in the systems, our consultants perform simulated attacks in order to illustrate the real organizational impact of a security breach.

Key Benefits:

  • Deliver analysis on the real business impact of an information security breach in your core SAP or Oracle implementations
  • Identify existing vulnerabilities affecting your ERP systems including network, operating system and database layers
  • Report potential business impact and scenarios to help raise awareness with key business stakeholders
  • Gain insight into the exposure on SAP or Oracle platforms for external or internal attacks
  • Determine if your SAP or Oracle security posture is protected against malicious employees (white box) or anonymous attackers (black box)
  • Receive guidance on best practices around remediation action plans and suggested solutions


  • Executive summaryof existing risks and the possible negative impact to the business
  • Detailed technical report describing performed activities, identified attack vectors, proof-of-concepts and detailed vulnerability information
  • Mitigation plan report presenting a recommended action plan with detailed mitigation procedures for each detected issue

To learn more about how the Onapsis penetration testing service can assist your company, please contact us here.