At Onapsis, we’re not only solution leaders—we’re also thought leaders. Here you’ll find a growing library of materials to help you build your cyber resilience strategy. The more light we can shed on business-critical application security and compliance, the better you can drive your business forward, confidently.

The Prescriptive Guide to Business-Critical Application Security

98% of the Fortune 100 use SAP or Oracle EBS

77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches these ERP systems

We have seen an escalation in attacks against ERP systems in the recent decade. This has led the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to issue multiple CERT alerts around SAP cyber threats. Traditional approaches don’t do enough to secure the ERP layer. 

Download our secure the core white paper to learn:

  • The evolution of cyberattacks targeting business-critical applications
  • Why traditional cybersecurity approaches don’t work
  • How to create a programmatic approach to business application cybersecurity


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Examine the security posture and risk exposure of your business-critical applications to determine the potential impact of a cyberattack on your organization.