Securing SAP Clouds

This whitepaper explores major security issues for SAP cloud deployments such as how cloud services are different, and then map existing security controls to fit within cloud deployments.

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Securing Enterprise Applications

Business-critical platforms such as SAP and Oracle have been in place for more than a decade, however a majority of firms using these applications currently have gaps in their security program. There are many reasons for these security gaps ranging from a reliance on generic security tools, to IT teams lacking complete understanding of how application platforms work.

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Onapsis Security Platform is a business-critical application security solution for SAP environments. It provides a context-aware, secure and cloud-ready platform to integrate vulnerability and compliance controls, real-time detection and response, as well as advanced threat protection functionality into existing risk and incident management infrastructures.

Sap Sicherheit Survival Guide

10 einfache Fragen, die den Handlungsbedarf zum Thema Sicherheit bei Ihren geschäftskritischen Applikationen aufdecken

Because over 75% of all transactions occur on business-critical applications, data from these systems is endlessly valuable to attackers