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Onapsis Security Platform Enforce and Protect Webcast

Wednesday, May 30 | 2:00pm ET

Since launching the Onapsis Security Platform in 2015, Onapsis has continued to evolve to meet the growing demands of our customer base and address key market concerns. Our newest functionality release, Enforce and Protect, is the first platform to enable SAP teams to enforce compliance and protect business-critical application (BCA) systems by actively locking them down and effectively preventing them from drifting into an insecure or non-compliant state.

Join our Director of Product Management for a live webcast to learn how Enforce and Protect product functionality enables OSP customers to:

  • Automatically stop critical system changes to prevent SAP systems from becoming insecure or non-compliant
  • Receive immediate alerts if an unplanned update could make a system insecure or non-compliant
  • Approve out-of-band configuration changes that are required as exceptions
  • Maintain secure configuration settings that require significant time and investment
  • Record and log change activity for audit and investigations
  • Continuously assure configurations adhere to corporate policies for all SAP versions, including S/4 HANA

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Eliminate resource consuming manual audit processes

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Reduce vulnerabilities and misconfiguration to protect the business

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