Onapsis Appoints Gerhard Eschelbeck to Board

Onapsis has announced the appointment of former Google Vice President of Security & Privacy Engineering (CISO) Gerhard Eschelbeck to the company’s board of directors.
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Why Securing ERP Systems is Critical for CISOs

Jason Fruge, CISO at Fossil, discusses the importance of securing business-critical ERP systems, such as SAP and Oracle, and how they've become a blind spot in the overall IT strategy. Hear his advice on how to overcome the challenge and take on ERP security in your organization.
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How ERP Security Enables Audit and Compliance

Larry Harrington, Former Chair of the Institute of Internal Auditors and Former Chief Audit Executive for Raytheon Company, discusses how ERP security enables the audit and compliance process within organizations, aligning CISOs with the internal audit team and maintaining compliance 24/7.
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Onapsis' Mariano Nunez talks with Richard Stiennon

Richard Stiennon interview Mariano Nunez, CEO and Co-founder of Onapsis, as part of IT-Harvest's 2016 Video Interview Series.
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Onapsis CEO Mariano Nunez interviewed by Richard Stiennon

IT Harvest 2015 Video Interview Series. San Francisco, CA.
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Securing Business-Critical Applications

Core business data, processes and applications running on SAP systems are attractive targets of advanced threats and sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals. These areas of an enterprise house sensitive customer, financial, proprietary and employee data. With attackers employing more advanced techniques, such as attacking from inside the network or slow and stealthy advanced attacks, traditional modes of security are no longer effective to safeguard a company.

The Challenges in Optimizing Business-Critical Application Security

In today's world, serious cyber-security breaches are almost inevitable. With business-critical applications such as CRM and ERP housing the “crown jewels” of anorganization, it is the biggest target for security breaches. Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President of Security Products and Services at IDC explains how organizations can take a more proactive stance on protecting their business-critical applications.

NoSuchCon Interview with Onapsis Director of Research, Ezequiel Gutesman

As part of the NoSuchCon conference, 10 cyber-security experts were interviewed about their stance on the state of the industry. Check out Ezequiel Gutesman’s insight on industry hot topics, his expectations for the future of business-critical application security, and upcoming Onapsis projects.

Short Onapsis Security Platform Demo

Product Manager Alex Horan briefly demoing the Onapsis Security Platform

Onapsis SAP Security In-Depth Webcast Assessing and Defending BusinessObjects

If your organization has implemented SAP BusinessObjects, you know that it is a multi-tiered web enabled product designed to analyze business data, and therefore processes the Business Intelligence information of your organization. Implementing proper security controls for a BusinessObjects implementation is a complex process.