NVIDIA is a US-headquartered global technology company best known as a manufacturer of graphics and is now able to effectively manage threats to its SAP systems, perform pre and post audit scans of its whole application environment, and conduct basic scans on a regular basis with continuous monitoring and detection of vulnerabilities.

Securing SAP During Digital Transformation to the Cloud


MercadoLibre is the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America. It offers a wide range of services, including marketplace, payments, advertising and e-building solutions. Learn how they were able to secure their SAP systems during digital transformation to the cloud with the Onapsis Security Platform.


MercadoLibre, Large Enterprise, E-Commerce Marketplace, is able to streamline the detection of SAP application security risks.


Westinghouse Electric Company, Multi-national Nuclear Power Company, was able to put in place a holistic SAP security management process, and to raise their SAP environment security level by automatically and periodically monitoring the platform for new threats


Siemens, Multi-national Electronics and Electrical Engineering Company, can now automatically assess the security of its SAP systems and act upon remediation information to mitigate existing vulnerabilities.

Because over 75% of all transactions occur on business-critical applications, data from these systems is endlessly valuable to attackers