An Introduction to Oracle EBS Application Security

Download this publication to become informed with the latest information about current and future risks facing Oracle applications, allowing different actors (financial managers, information security managers, Oracle administrators, auditors, consultants and others) to better understand the techniques and tools available to assess and mitigate them.

CSA ERP Security Survey

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications and best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment, has released a survey to give more insights into securely moving ERP applications to the cloud.

Secure SAP Activate

Onapsis enables organizations using the SAP Activate methodology by incorporating security at every step with Secure SAP Activate.

HMG and Onapsis White Paper

Protecting the Crown Jewels in the Pivot to Digital Transformation

Download this comprehensive white paper to outline key security challenges in migrating complex business-critical applications during digital transformation strategies. Also, learn key methods to ensure the business crown jewels are protected each step of the way.

Analyst Whitepaper

Securing Enterprise Applications

Business-critical platforms such as SAP and Oracle have been in place for more than a decade, however a majority of firms using these applications currently have gaps in their security program. There are many reasons for these security gaps ranging from a reliance on generic security tools, to IT teams lacking complete understanding of how application platforms work.

SAP & GDPR: Keeping Your Organization Ahead of the Upcoming EU Law

With the GDPR enforcement date of May 2018 and steep fines of up to 4% of profit or €20 million looming, organizations are still struggling to understand this complicated policy and how they will adhere to it. This guide aims to provide SAP customers an overview of GDPR, how it affects them and how they can begin a plan to become compliant.


Because over 75% of all transactions occur on business-critical applications, data from these systems is endlessly valuable to attackers