Ensuring Your SAP System
is GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides a legal framework for compliance, affecting global businesses with headquarters inside and outside Europe. Organizations that are not in compliance may face severe fines.

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GDPR aims to give control of personal data to EU citizens, or ‘data subjects’ and transfers control of legislation from individual member states to a centralized body. Regardless of your company’s headquarter location, if you are processing EU citizens’ personal data on a regular basis then most likely GDPR applies to you.

What Does This Mean for Organizations Using SAP Applications?

Accountability for the location and life span of every piece of personal data needs to exist; therefore, organizations need to determine if they handle personal data, know where it lives in their SAP applications and create a process for communicating this clearly.

Learn how to determine if you are in compliance with GDPR and how to maintain compliance with the Onapsis Security Platform. The resources below will help you understand GDPR and how it applies to your SAP compliance strategy.

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