Speakers: Julian Rapisardi (@julianrapi) | Sergio Abraham (@serj_ab)

In all SAP implementations there are numerous reasons why organizations would need to make changes and updates; from changes to legislation and compliance mandates to business growth and process evolution. The Transport Management System (TMS) is the backbone for properly executing these changes across a landscape (Dev, QA, PROD, etc). If TMS is not properly secured, a malicious attacker could initiate disruptive and negatively impactful changes to Productive systems.

In this presentation we will explain the main components and capabilities of TMS. We will then detail specific ways in which organizations can increase the protection of their SAP platforms by gaining visibility to the risks and securing TMS.

The presentation is based on the research contained in the latest SAP Security In-Depth publication: SAP TMS: A Highway to Production. Click Here to download the publication.