Onapsis Vulnerability and Compliance provides organizations with the most comprehensive security assessments and compliance gap analysis on their SAP systems.

Onapsis Vulnerability and Compliance was developed specifically to audit and mitigate previously overlooked vulnerabilities and compliance gaps in the world’s most popular SAP business applications.

Onapsis Vulnerability and Compliance is the only solution in the market that delivers the ability to:

  • Identify and measure the exposure to security risks on business-critical applications running on SAP
  • Detect compliance requirement failures
  • Streamline audit processes and reporting
  • Reduces audit costs while increasing audit frequency
  • Reduce vulnerability assessment and internal audit costs

Vulnerability Assessment

Compliance Dashboard

SAP System Mapping

Key Capabilities of Onapsis Vulnerability and Compliance

  • Launch vulnerability and compliance assessments using blackbox and whitebox techniques to detect existing weaknesses and misconfigurations.
  • Generates graphical maps of and inventories your SAP infrastructure
  • Identifies users with excessive permissions
  • Risk trending and remediation prioritization based on business context and impact
  • Identifies configuration changes that could impact compliance ratings and make SAP systems vulnerable to advanced threats or compromise.
  • Provides capabilities for organizations to define their own critical configurations and authorization checks
  • Continuous monitoring of SAP infrastructure for security and compliance weaknesses.
  • Automates SAP compliance processes with predefined compliance assessments and reports out-of-compliance systems
  • Produces a delta report showing a change to the security and risk postures of systems over time.
  • Perform compliance audits against key compliance guidelines such as PCI, SOX, NERC, and more.
  • Generate automated reports that analyse security and compliance risks with business impact details to help prioritize remediation activities.

Key Benefits

  • Fast discovery of SAP Systems and insight into secure/insecure connections.
  • Incorporate SAP systems into existing vulnerability management programs
  • Allows IT and InfoSec teams to better understand and manage SAP risk
  • Provides a complete measure of SAP systems risk by going beyond user authorizations and segregation of duties
  • Replaces manual security audits that typically take months to complete with an automated solution that takes just hours. Results are meaningful and close to real time.
  • Perform authorization queries across all SAP systems and clients in a single execution
  • Allows visibility into the security posture of business-critical applications by identifying vulnerabilities that expose key business systems to compliance gaps and advanced threats.
  • Decreases business risks by enforcing ever evolving compliance requirements.
  • Provides actionable remediation information, not just a list of problems.
  • Produces a detailed Mitigation Plan, with critical risks addressed first and assigns responsibilities and due dates to individuals or teams.
  • Reduces audit costs while increasing audit frequency