Onapsis Detection and Response helps organizations gain real-time visibility into advanced attacks, advanced malware, zero-day threats or unauthorized access happening on their SAP infrastructure and applications.

Organizations need a way to ensure that their SAP applications remain uncompromised and have the necessary mechanisms in place to detect and respond to issues in order to ensure business-critical applications remain running – this requires dedicated software that is SAP aware and can detect and report on any events. With Onapsis Detection and Response organizations can:

  • Be notified when business-critical applications are under attack to reduce risk of downtime.
  • Safeguard information and processes that run the business.
  • Proactively respond to attacks and prioritize remediation efforts based on business context and strategic goals.
  • Define alarms for specific sets of users running specific transactions.
  • Help prioritize the order for application of patches on SAP systems and applications

Detection Dashboard

Risk Trending

SAP System Mapping

Key Capabilities of Onapsis Detection and Response

  • Detect malicious user behavior and alert accordingly
  • Monitor and log attempts to execute critical transactions
  • Detect exploits in close to real-time
  • Detect zero day exploit attempts (requires ATP)
  • Define alarms for specific sets of users running specific transactions.
  • Automated response based on business context asset criticality.
  • Combined with the results from V&C can downgrade alerts associated with attacks against systems that are not vulnerable to the attack
  • Send specific alerts based in business defined attributes of systems
  • Leverage detection and response while SAP Security Note deployment is evaluated – eliminate the window of vulnerability

Key Benefits

  • Reduce exposure to risks on business-critical applications that run mission-critical processes.
  • Safeguard your SAP systems with real-time detection of advanced threats, advanced malware, vulnerabilities and un-authorized access to key systems.
  • Reduce response times with actionable information and business context.
  • Ensure value-on-investment for SAP systems and applications.
  • Allows IT and InfoSec teams to better understand and manage SAP risks.
  • Quicker time to detect and respond to breach attempts of your business critical systems.
  • Awareness of when business sensitive transactions are executed on SAP systems.