A Single Platform for Oracle EBS Security and Compliance

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is essential to your business – running your most business-critical applications from General Ledger to Order Management to Manufacturing to Human Capital Management and more. Keeping these systems up is your priority, yet vulnerabilities continue to expose your organization to risks of downtime, cyberattacks and internal or external fraud.

Traditional security tools are not enough to protect the Oracle EBS and application tiers and the blind spots that still exist.

The Onapsis Security Platform automates the monitoring and protection of Oracle EBS and business-critical applications, providing visibility into the blind spot and actionable information to keep these tiers in compliance and protected from cyber threats. Onapsis actively provides vulnerability assessment for the Oracle EBS and applications tier. It identifies compliance violations and delivers intelligence across DBAs, EBS application developers, information security and audit and compliance groups to prioritize remediation and reduce risk.

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The Onapsis Security Platform provides an effective way to provide visibility and align IT, security and compliance teams

Oracle EBS Team

Security and compliance need to be addressed throughout the application lifecycle. For DBAs and application developers, constantly responding to security and audit fixes is time consuming. With Onapsis, the Oracle EBS team can:

  • Reduce the amount of time to respond to requests from the security and compliance teams
  • Help you proactively solve Oracle EBS security and compliance issues not covered by database and web application scanners
  • Monitor for critical patches, misconfigurations, and audit violations
  • Manage IT authorizations and Segregation of Duty (SoD)

Information Security Professionals

With leadership from the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the security team is tasked with managing the biggest cybersecurity risks to your business. For securing Oracle EBS, the security team often does not have the visibility it needs. With Onapsis, the security team can:

  • Incorporate security controls for the most critical business applications into your processes
  • Gain visibility into vulnerabilities at the business application tier
  • Automate security assessments and security audits
  • Report risks and compliance issues for immediate remediation

Audit and Compliance

There is now a greater emphasis on security and compliance audits for business-critical applications. Auditors rely on the Oracle EBS and security teams for the information they require, which puts a resource burden on those teams. With Onapsis, audit and compliance teams can:

  • Ensure that Oracle EBS is protected from vulnerabilities
  • Validate that Oracle EBS meets security and compliance requirements
  • Automate the process of defining, validating and reporting controls
  • Eliminate unexpected, urgent compliance issues

Chief Information Officer

With so many of the organization’s mission-critical business functions running on Oracle EBS, the CIO needs to ensure the business runs smoothly and is supported by a reliable world-class IT infrastructure. With Onapsis, CIOs can:

  • Prioritize risk remediation of critical business applications with minimal impact to the business
  • Mitigate risks and ensure security does not delay projects
  • Assure business leaders that Oracle EBS meets service level expectations
  • Prove to executive leadership that Oracle EBS is secure and compliant



The Onapsis Security Platform continuously assesses your Oracle EBS systems for security vulnerabilities and compliance violations. Define comprehensive security baselines and automatically check for missing or incorrectly configured security patches, insecure system parameters and configurations and risky user authorizations. Additional out-of-the-box compliance checks available for PCI-DSS, SOX, GDPR, which can be further customized for your specific needs.



By partnering with Onapsis, your organization has access to the ERP security intelligence delivered by both the Onapsis Security Platform continually assessing your Oracle EBS environment and the Onapsis Research Labs identifying Oracle EBS vulnerabilities and reporting them directly to Oracle. Onapsis enables you to apply this threat intelligence to new vulnerabilities on your Oracle EBS systems to improve your security posture against advanced targeted attacks.



With actionable information, the Onapsis Security Platform enables you to prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities and compliance violations. Additionally, the Onapsis Security Platform integrates with leading SIEM tools, including Splunk and QRadar to provide a unified view of risk and help desk tool, such as ServiceNow, for automating ticketing and efficiently fixing issues.

ERP Security Expertise and Experience

Onapsis was founded in 2009 with the mission to transform how organizations protect their ERP applications. Today, many of the largest enterprises in the world trust the expertise and experience of Onapsis for their ERP security solution.

Oracle Gold Partner

As an Oracle Gold Partner, Onapsis works collaboratively with Oracle on a shared desire to help organizations more effectively secure their Oracle EBS systems and business critical applications.

Onapsis Research Labs

Oracle EBS and SAP security intelligence is produced by the Onapsis Research Labs, a team of recognized security experts who help the industry and Onapsis customers stay on the leading edge of ERP cybersecurity. The Onapsis Research Labs identifies and reports Oracle EBS vulnerabilities directly to Oracle so patches can be issued. View published security advisories for Oracle EBS, read our ERP security blog.