You can combine your strengths with Onapsis to help your customers protect what matters most.

Expand your service offerings and provide your customers with the most comprehensive business-critical application security solutions available by partnering with Onapsis.

Alerts from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and recent independent research reports have shown a 100% increase in public exploits of SAP® and Oracle® EBS systems over a recent three-year period. These business-critical ERP applications contain highly regulated data that must be protected to safeguard an enterprise’s operations, financial performance and brand reputation.
Because Onapsis offers the industry’s most complete business-critical application security and compliance solution—providing customers with unprecedented ERP application visibility, monitoring, assessment and compliance capabilities—you can expand your advisory and technical services offerings to support digital transformation, cloud migration and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Benefits of becoming an Onapsis strategic alliance partner

  • An enhanced ability to implement technology and services tailored to your customers’ business needs
  • Access to industry experts with firsthand knowledge of the latest business-critical application security issues and solutions
  • More opportunities to lower your customers’ threat profiles and alert them to imminent risks in today’s cybersecurity landscape
  • The ability to provide a complete consulting offering around SOC transformation, insider threats and business risk that includes threat intelligence
  • The ability to offer customers an SAP and Oracle EBS incident response and threat-hunting assessment service
  • The opportunity to engage in joint marketing initiatives with Onapsis to drive demand for your solutions
  • Access to the Onapsis Partner Portal, demo environment, training materials and NFR solutions


Become a Partner

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