Adrian Lane
Analyst & CTO, Securosis

March 2nd 2017
2:00 PM EST

Every enterprise uses cloud computing services to some degree – tools such as Gmail, Twitter, and Dropbox are ubiquitous; as are business applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Quickbooks. Cost savings, operational stability, and reduced management effort are all proven advantages. But when we consider moving back-office infrastructure – systems at the heart of business such as SAP – there is significant angst and uncertainty among IT and security professionals.

Join Adrian Lane, Analyst & CTO of Securosis for a live webcast exploring various security issues organizations are facing when it comes to SAP cloud deployments. During this webcast, Adrian will discuss outline foundational elements for building a comprehensive security program when migrating SAP implementations to the cloud.

This webcast will cover:

  • The need for a solid cloud security strategy when migrating SAP to the cloud.
  • Division of responsibilities between organizations and cloud service providers.
  • How to properly map existing security controls to fit within cloud deployments.