A Deep Dive Into SAP HANA

Thursday, November 12th

9:00 A.M. & 2:00 P.M. EST

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SAP HANA is being positioned by SAP as the foundation to support its move into cloud computing, and has bet the entire company’s future solution strategy. Due to its nature, SAP HANA and the SAP HANA cloud-based offerings store an organization’s most important assets, thus requiring large efforts to secure that data. If cyber-criminals gain access to it, they'll be able to retrieve the most confidential information inside any company such as intellectual property, business plans and BI information.

Recently, Onapsis Research Labs™ released several critical security advisories for vulnerabilities facing SAP HANA, some of which allow an attacker to completely take control over an SAP HANA system without user credentials.

In order to further discuss the impact of these vulnerabilities, we’ve hosted a webcast on Thursday, November 12th. Director of Research, Ezequiel Gutesman, and SAP Security Specialist, Sergio Abraham, of Onapsis hosted “A Deep Dive Into SAP HANA” During this webcast they discussed new highly-critical vulnerabilities facing SAP HANA and recommendations for how to mitigate them.

This webcast covered:

  • 20+ new highly critical advisories affecting SAP HANA
  • Common attacks and countermeasures affecting SAP HANA
  • Recommendations for how to protect your SAP systems from these highly critical vulnerabilities