New SAP & Onapsis Threat Intelligence: Active Cyberattacks on Business-Critical SAP Applications

Protect Your Business-Critical Applications

An attack on your business-critical applications developed and supported by SAP or Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), would have a devastating impact on your organization’s operations, finances and reputation. Despite this, most organizations are ill-equipped to secure these systems—they are generally out of scope for security teams and many incorrectly assume ERP vendor tools are sufficient. This lack of ERP cybersecurity protection and an increase in exploitable vulnerabilities make your business-critical applications a prime target for internal misuse and external attacks.  

Only Onapsis provides visibility and proven protection for the business-critical application layer—whether on-premises, hybrid or cloud—so you can identify and understand risk, prioritize remediation, respond immediately to new threats, meet compliance and reduce the overall attack surface.

ERP Systems Are a
Cybersecurity Blindspot

Traditional cybersecurity investments have focused on defending the perimeter with little attention paid to the application layer. Likewise, the tools that ERP vendors provide are not purpose-built for security and, most importantly, are generally not managed by or accessible to security teams. This leaves your most important data and applications unprotected.

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued three US-CERT alerts since 2016 regarding the threat of cyberattacks on ERP systems 
  • 64% of organizations have been the victim of an ERP (SAP or Oracle EBS) system breach in the past two years
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The Onapsis Solution

Secure the Core with The Onapsis Platform

Onapsis delivers the visibility, monitoring and intelligence capabilities you need to protect your organization’s business-critical SAP and Oracle EBS applications. You can monitor for threats and attacks in near real-time, prioritize remediation efforts based on criticality and impact and reduce the attack surface by preventing and blocking misconfigurations or unauthorized changes at the system, code (SAP) and transport (SAP) levels. And only Onapsis provides access to a dedicated security research team, the Onapsis Research Labs, looking for SAP and Oracle zero-day threats to keep you up to date on the latest vulnerabilities affecting these systems.

Key Benefits of Onapsis

Protect SAP and Oracle EBS systems
Only Onapsis protects both SAP and Oracle EBS systems in one platform

Gain visibility into ERP application risks and vulnerabilities
Perform system, code (SAP) and transport (SAP) level vulnerability assessments, understand business impact and prioritize risk

Support on-premises, hybrid and cloud ERP environments
Onapsis provides visibility no matter where your ERP systems are located

Reduce the ERP attack surface
Prevent and block misconfiguration and unauthorized changes to minimize threats

Align and collaborate with cross-functional teams
Security, IT, compliance and audit teams can use the same tool to ensure optimal performance, security and compliance of the business-critical applications that run your business

Accelerate key digital transformation initiatives by eliminating security concerns
With Onapsis, security concerns are no longer roadblocks to business-building digital transformation

Support DevSecOps by integrating security in your development process
You can ensure your developers build application and infrastructure security into software development lifecycle

Integrate directly with SIEMs
Bring security information about your business-critical applications into a centralized repository for easy access, assessment and remediation

Solicitud de cortesía Ilustración de Riesgos de Negocios

Examine la postura de seguridad y la exposición al riesgo de sus aplicaciones críticas para el negocio a fin de determinar el impacto potencial de un ataque cibernético en su organización.



Experiencia sin igual de asistencia y protección en las plataformas SAP NetWeaver®, ABAP®, J2EE, SAP HANA® y S/4HANA®. Disfrute de la monitorización continua de la infraestructura de SAP, ya sea localmente o en un entorno de nube privada, pública o híbrida.

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Automatice la monitorización y la protección de Oracle EBS y las capas de aplicación, para que pueda tener visibilidad de los puntos ciegos e información útil para mantener el cumplimiento en estos sistemas y protegerlos frente a ciberamenazas. Soporte a Oracle EBS en las instalaciones y en la nube.

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Las extensiones de nube con código personalizado pueden crear nuevas superficies de ataque. Nuestras soluciones monitorizan y protegen las aplicaciones SaaS de SAP, como SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, FieldGlass, S/4HANA, C/4HANA y otras, desde el desarrollo inicial hasta la producción.

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Onapsis addresses your chief concerns

A proactive solution for the CISO

The last thing you want is to be blindsided by a newly discovered vulnerability or be slow to respond to malicious attacks on the core systems you have worked so hard to protect. Onapsis gives you the tools to increase your application cyber resilience, keeping you ahead of risk and empowering you to respond more swiftly and effectively.

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CIO peace of mind 

The top priority of the IT organization includes supporting critical business processes with reliable applications. You must work together with the CISO to ensure that SAP and Oracle EBS systems are protected to provide maximum uptime. With visibility into your security risk posture, Onapsis helps you align cross-functionally to meet the demands of the business.

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Your ERP systems hold your most highly regulated data, including financials and personal identifying information. You must work closely with both the CISO and CIO to validate that this data is appropriately protected and your systems appropriately configured so you are not at risk of violation. Onapsis enables you to automate the assessment of IT controls and security issues within ERP systems to prioritize risk mitigation and ensure compliance.


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Securing the Core of Your Business

Prevent costly downtime

With so much riding on your ERP systems, you can’t leave anything to chance. Onapsis empowers you to spot vulnerabilities and address risk with actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated compliance to protect your core and keep operations performing at their best.

Protect the money

From banks to brokerages, this sector is one of the most targeted sectors for cyber crime, as internal and external threats can dramatically impact the credibility, integrity and finances of the institution. Onapsis protects the core of your financial technology—your ERP systems—to keep you secure and compliant.

Keep systems secure and productive

Cyber resilience does more than strengthen security. It also strengthens your business by helping core systems remain functional and productive. Onapsis lets you be more vigilant and proactive in protecting your core.

Security is your number one priority

Any compromise to your core systems can have devastating consequences. With Onapsis, you can take the necessary steps to keeping public and government data secure from malicious attacks.

Keep the trust of your customers

High-profile security breaches have cost retailers millions of dollars and jeopardized customer loyalty. Onapsis helps you protect core systems and your hard-earned brand reputation.


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Solicitud de cortesía
Ilustración de Riesgos de Negocios

Examine la postura de seguridad y la exposición al riesgo de sus aplicaciones críticas para el negocio a fin de determinar el impacto potencial de un ataque cibernético en su organización.

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