How to Configure and Setup Trusted RFC in GRC

SPEAKER: Matias Sena, SAP Security Researcher, Onapsis Research Labs
TITLE:How to Configure and Setup Trusted RFC in GRC

In February 2017, SAP released Security Note 2413716 regarding configuration changes to secure Trusted RFC for GRC Access Control (AC) Emergency Access Management (EAM), which was a High Priority note.
The EAM module provides SAP GRC AC with the ability to determine how access can be granted in case of an emergency, however, you must set up Trusted RFC in order to do this.

In this webcast the Onapsis Research Labs will cover:

  • Key concepts of SAP GRC and Trusted RFC
  • Key risks of not configuring this in your organization
  • Steps to securely configure this High Priority note

This webcast is based on the 14th edition in the Onapsis SSID series. Setup of Trusted RFC in GRC aims to give context to this complicated note and enable SAP customers to secure it.

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