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Onapsis launches new functionality to lock down SAP systems

Onapsis has extended the Onapsis Security Platform (OSP) with the launch of the Enforce and Protect product module. OSP is now the first platform to enable InfoSec and SAP teams to enforce compliance and protect business-critical applications by actively preventing these systems from drifting into an insecure or non-compliant state.
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SAP systems: The threat of insecure configurations

Onapsis researchers revealed a critical security configuration vulnerability that results from default installations in SAP systems which if left insecure, could lead to a full system compromise in unprotected environments.

Onapsis identifies critical SAP security risk in Netweaver

SAP and Oracle application cybersecurity and compliance researcher, Onapsis, has identified a critical security configuration vulnerability resulting from default installations in SAP systems that could lead to a full system compromise, enabling remote hackers to gain unrestricted access to the system and putting business-critical data and processes at risk.
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7 Cyber-Security Vendors That Raised New Funding in April 2018

April was another busy month for cyber-security startups, with venture capitalists funding at least seven such companies. The largest amount raised during the month was a $31 million round that went to business-critical application security vendor Onapsis.
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Many SAP Deployments at Risk Due to Insecure Configuration

Security researchers claim that a large majority of SAP systems deployed inside organizations are vulnerable to attacks that could completely compromise their sensitive data because of an insecure default configuration.

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