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Many SAP Deployments at Risk Due to Insecure Configuration

Security researchers claim that a large majority of SAP systems deployed inside organizations are vulnerable to attacks that could completely compromise their sensitive data because of an insecure default configuration.
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Trolley Talk: SC cruises the cable car line with cyber experts

SC Media Senior Reporter Bradley Barth took five cybersecurity experts out on a field trip during RSA 2018, conducting what may be the industry's first-ever series of interviews on the famous San Francisco's cable car system -- the only one in the world that is still operated manually. (Try hacking that!)
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Oracle Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in Business Applications

Oracle has released a new quarterly critical patch update (CPU) for its product portfolio, fixing 254 vulnerabilities across 20 product families. More than two-thirds of those flaws are located in business-critical applications and 42 are rated critical.

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