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Most organizations are migrating data for ERP apps to the cloud

According to a Cloud Security Alliance survey, 69 percent of organizations are migrating data for popular ERP applications to the cloud, moving to major cloud infrastructure-as-a-service providers, with the overwhelming majority, almost 90 percent, stating that these applications are business-critical.
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Cloud Security Alliance Study Reveals Rise In Cybersecurity Incidents And Misconceptions As Critical Erp Systems Migrate To Clouds

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) released Friday findings from its initial research survey on “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications and Cloud Adoption.” The study offers greater insight into cloud preparation and migration, the features and benefits gained, and the security and privacy challenges for ERP systems in a cloud environment.
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Studies Point to Cloud Concerns for Organizations in 2019

Recent studies on cloud technology and its perceptions in the market reveal concerns over accountability for security in the cloud, poorly communicated cloud strategies, and confusion over what the approach to cloud really means.

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