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Understanding Clickjacking Attacks: SAP Security Notes July 2016

Understanding Clickjacking Attacks: SAP Security Notes July 2016

On the second Tuesday of every month, SAP releases their latest Security Notes. This month there were 36 SAP Security Notes (taking into account 26 Support Packages and 10 Patch Day Notes & including the ones published after last second Tuesday). Of these notes, there are two important things to highlight:


Roadshow Recap: Addressing the SAP Governance Gap

Onapsis has just completed its second annual North American Roadshow Series! With stops in the Bay Area, Houston, Chicago, and New York, this initiative was a huge success.

During this series, industry professionals and customers from some of the top F1000 organizations collaborated on how to address the growing SAP governance gap within their organizations. As the state of SAP cybersecurity continues to evolve, the SAP governance gap continues to be one of the most common challenges facing organizations across many different industries.

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