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Why is Protecting ERP Critical to Businesses?

Why is Protecting ERP Critical to Businesses?

How do you currently secure your business-critical applications like SAP and Oracle EBS? Having a tool that knows how to assess and protect all the different customizations of your SAP and Oracle systems is not just important to protecting your crown jewels, but necessary. Securing Oracle and SAP systems has a blind spot in the overall IT strategy of many organizations, leaving them at risk for cyberattacks and hacks. Onapsis protects business-critical applications for the largest organizations in the world.

Listen to Onapsis CEO, Mariano Nunez, discuss how Onapsis helps organizations using SAP and Oracle EBS protect their systems from external attacks or internal misuse and abuse in the video below. 

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Examine the operational risk and cybersecurity posture of your business-critical applications to determine the potential impact of sub-optimal application performance, unplanned downtime and an attack on your organization’s ERP platforms.