SAP Application Users: You can finally sleep at night!

Guest post from: Pete Nicoletti, CISO, Virtustream

As an SAP user, you’re well aware of and are enjoying the benefits of the world best ERP system. The information that you create and use contributes to your companies competitive advantage. Using SAP to make business decisions and report on all facets of your business is among the most critical functions in your company.

In addition to your internal users using this critical function, there is a very large community of… let’s call them “non-authorized users” to be PC. They would love to have access to your critical company data. Protecting your SAP systems and crown jewels information in “Internet time” from these unauthorized users (ok... hackers!) is extremely challenging. Think of all the SAP notes, patches, changes to your versions and landscapes, new mobile related threats, OS patching, network changes, acquisitions… all of these changes are occurring hundreds and thousands times a day! Each change to a system contributes to and increases risk.

Since you are smart security professional at RSA, you don’t use one of the risk mitigation strategies we have to delicately talk our executives out of called: “Ignore the Risk.” So, you are aware that your SAP system is undergoing constant change, and there are hackers working 24/7/365 to gain access to your data.

Those two nightmares should be keeping you up at night. So, let’s do a quick sleep study… you’re tossing and turning all night long… the recurring nightmare you have is that some bad actors are selling your information to your competition. What is the prescription to get a good night’s sleep? Onapsis.

Onapsis is the vulnerability scanner for SAP that identifies every security issue that your SAP system has. Before this tool, there was no way to know just how bad your nightmare is. Trust me… It’s bad. You should be having nightmares. As the world’s largest SAP hosting company we strive to reduce those above listed risks to our clients. How do we sleep at night hosting hundreds of the world’s largest SAP environments? Onapsis. It is the prescription for a restful night’s sleep. Know what your risks are, classify them, assign them to owners for remediation… and then validate they have been fixed. Standard security stuff right?

Before Onapsis there was just no way to do it. Come by booth 2109 here at RSA and let’s talk about we can secure your SAP world… and you can sleep better at night!


Guest post from:

Pete Nicoletti CISO
Virtustream Inc -


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