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Welcome to the Onapsis ERP Security Blog!

While leading organizations are already taking measures to protect their ERP systems from the increased threat of cyber-attacks, at Onapsis we feel that “leading” is not enough. We realize that still a significant number of organizations are not able to answer a very important question: “Is my ERP implementation secure?” At Onapsis, we know this uncertainty only empowers the bad guys and we feel it’s our duty to level the battlefield. That's why we created this Blog.

Traditional measures like Segregation of Duties controls are one necessary step, but no longer enough to protect against advanced ERP application-layer attacks. Through this channel, our thought-leaders will share their best-practices, knowledge, war stories and latest research to help you better understand the risks that your company faces as these systems continue to become an increasing target to cyber-attacks. More importantly, we will provide you with actionable guidelines for you to increase the security of your ERP platform - effectively safeguarding your business crown jewels.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts. We sincerely hope you enjoy them!

The Onapsis Team

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