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Onapsis Client Testimonial: Sanofi

Onapsis Client Testimonial: Sanofi

Listen to the Head of SAP at Sanofi, Frederic Maille, discuss his journey to secure SAP, including how he aligned internal teams, utilized Onapsis to determine the company's level of risk and took actions to implement a cybersecurity program for this business-critical application. “We are an SAP shop because we have SAP everywhere,” says Maille, “...from the CRM [to the] ERP.” “Onapsis helped me to go fast… when we started to identify that we have to secure our SAP system, we really didn’t know how to start…the first idea was to start to set up a detection part.” Listen to how the Onapsis acquisition of Virtual Forge also enabled Sanofi, a customer of theirs, to improve their ERP cybersecurity and compliance strategy.


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