Raul Batista

SAP Security Analyst

With an extensive background in IT systems administration and computer security, Raul Batista was responsible for SAP security in one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors of Argentina.

He participated in that SAP implementation from its beginning. Was responsible for the hardening of SAP servers and network, and the functional SAP roles design and implementation. He also aided in another SAP new installation for a pharmaceutical laboratory with similar duties. Furthermore, designed the company’s authorization workflow for SAP security permission changes.

He is an enthusiastic Computer Security guy that collaborates voluntarily to a local security blog by writing about his investigations on scam, spams and phishing attacks, and also as moderator for a security forum.

He obtained a Certification in Cybersecurity Management in CAECE

Currently, he works in Onapsis analyzing SAP Security Notes and providing content for Onapsis Security Platform.