Julián Rapisardi

Senior SAP Security Specialist

As a member of the Research Labs team, he is responsible for performing SAP Security Assessments, understanding the evolving regulatory landscape affecting SAP systems and delivering trainings about the latest risks affecting SAP platforms.

With seven plus years of experience in business consulting, information technology and systems auditing, he has assisted numerous large companies from various industries including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Telecommunications, covering a wide variety of SAP modules and solutions. He has also been involved in several SAP GRC projects.

Julian has delivered talks and trainings on SAP security at SANS Network Security, SANS Sydney and at Black Hat among others.

Moving SAP to the Cloud? Let Security Be On Your Side

In today’s evolving IT landscape, companies are constantly planning their next steps when it comes to business-critical application security. Specifically, they are planning these steps around their SAP environment which supports core business processes for some of the world’s largest organizations. When it comes to migrating SAP solutions to the cloud, different roadmaps are regularly being assembled and developed in order to properly transfer solutions that were traditionally supported by on premise SAP systems to a diverse range of cloud offerings provided by SAP.

Implementing Layered Security for SAP

Since the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act passed in 2002, an organizations' emphasis on their internal controls and risk management has increased significantly. United States Federal Law set new standards for all publicly traded US company’s boards, management and for public accounting firms. As a result of SOX, top management of these companies must individually certify the accuracy of their reported financial information.

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