2015 Onapsis Roadshow - Coming to a City Near You!

Today is an important day in Onapsis history. We’re officially kicking off the first annual Onapsis Roadshow series in North America. We have seen rapid growth in customers engaging Onapsis for our expertise in SAP cyber-security solutions. With a growing amount of customers leveraging our solutions, now is the time for us to bring our customers together in order to share best practices and build out their networks to make the most out of their investment with  Onapsis. To execute these roadshows, we're collaborating with customers and partners who will host each one of our stops across the country. The following destinations are currently scheduled: 

The Onapsis Roadshow series are events that we have specifically designed for security practitioners to foster collaboration with InfoSec and SAP security industry professionals. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from their peers about security challenges that have effected their organization’s business-critical application security, and will gain insight to how those issues were overcome, and what can be expected for the future. These events are tailored to all professionals that have a direct impact on their organization’s security infrastructure including Directors and Vice Presidents of Security, CISO’s, and members of Internal Audit and SAP Security teams. All attendees will learn how SAP is becoming a critical component of all security and internal audit best practices, hear presentations on SAP Security implementation strategies and key lessons learned, network with other security professionals, and establish contacts for future collaboration. A vibrant community is the only way to make each other successful. We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers and partners as two way conversations will allow us to continue creating innovative products for our customers, and with the input of our customers. We look forward to seeing you in a city near you!

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