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Because over 75% of all transactions occur on business-critical applications, data from these systems is endlessly valuable to attackers

- Christian Christiansen -
VP for Security Products & Services



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Onapsis tells us so much more about the vulnerabilities present in our SAP system than SAP itself could ever hope to without the support of Onapsis.

The security industry has never been more complex. Advanced threats are going after vital systems that house organizations’ data and mission critical processes.

As a result, top executives and security teams worry that they do not know the full impact a potential breach could have on their SAP platforms, and success of their organization. Additionally, when organizations fully assess their SAP Infrastructure, they uncover major compliance gaps with their corporate policies and industry regulations which could result in increased audit and remediation costs, penalties and fines. 

Onapsis provides comprehensive business-critical application security solutions as they apply to your role within the business. Whether you’re a CFO, an auditor, or member of a security team, our integrated perspective enables an adaptive approach for ensuring security and compliance on your SAP systems. 


Onapsis’ solutions provide CFO’s with greater visibility into security and compliance risks that impact the business and potentially the bottom-line.  Onapsis helps to ensure that the security technology budget delivers a greater value on investment and increases security around business critical applications that run finance, controlling, sales, distribution, supply chains, human resources and project management including ERP, HCM, BI, CRM, and SCM.

With Onapsis you can:

  • Be assured that your security and audit teams are efficiently monitoring business-critical application risks and become more aware of compliance gaps on key business systems. 
  • Gain confidence that security and SAP basis teams are working together to reduce risk and compliance exposure.
  • Tie risk findings to GRC platforms for actionable intelligence and context
  • Report to the business that appropriate audits and controls on key business platform infrastructure.


Onapsis’ solutions provide CISO’s with greater support in establishing security best practices for business critical applications. This has often been a severe challenge as security teams are stretched thin and expected to execute a wide range of responsibilities. These include creating a sourcing strategy, developing an annual security plan, and guiding the creation of the enterprise information security architecture (EISA).

Additionally security teams lack the visibility into the SAP infrastructure and are assured by SAP teams that “separation of duties” and “access management” are enough.

 With Onapsis you can:

  • Gain visibility into the security around business application infrastructure that was previously a blind spot.
  • Go beyond separation of duties by performing comprehensive security assessments, penetration testing and security audits against business critical systems. 
  • Adapt or create your security strategy to include SAP security requirements to help your organization assess, comply, and prioritize remediation efforts based on business context and strategic goals.
  • Report risks and compliance issues on business-critical applications as part of a continuous monitoring, vulnerability assessment and compliance audit initiatives.
  • Integrate into existing security and compliance technologies including GRC, SIEM, Network Security and Security Operation Management.

Audit and Compliance

Auditors and compliance professionals are challenged with performing risk assessments and audits using manual processes and procedures. Once completed, auditors provide advice on monitoring risks to senior management, and share insights with stakeholders to provide foresight into the risk management practices of the organization.
Onapsis’ solutions go beyond just segregation of duty (SoD) controls to provide Auditors and compliance professionals with continuous capabilities to audit the entire business-critical application and platform landscape. 

With Onapsis you can:

  • Quickly gain insight into the SAP infrastructure
  • Save time by leveraging pre-defined or proprietary audit policies
  • Continuously monitor and benchmark audit findings against SAP applications.
  • Quickly determine remediation action plans for inherent and residual risks to business-critical applications.
  • Support compliance initiatives such as PCI DSS, SOX, NERC CIP, ISACA, and SAP Security Standards
  • Roll up reporting to executives on key risks to business critical platforms 

SAP Basis

SAP Basis operations teams have a heavy workload, and focus to reduce costs and maintain reliability of SAP landscapes. SAP solution landscapes have increased in both size and complexity, making them harder to operate and improve reliably. Due to this, SAP Basis teams are often unaware of the exact operating processes and automation tools utilized by their service provider. When it comes to securing SAP systems, the emphasis is on separation of duties, however when implementing applications with complex authorization models (such as ERP and financial systems), it becomes extremely difficult to analyze for segregation of duty (SOD) violations.

With Onapsis you can:

  • Work in sync with the security teams to establish that key SAP systems and applications are secure and meet compliance requirements.
  • Rest assured that security best practices are aligned and managed by security teams so that you can focus on reducing costs, improving system reliability and maintaining a complex SAP landscape.
  • Comprehend the location of all SAP systems and the connection between them to identify potential threats, vulnerabilities and compliance gaps.
  • Obtain key information on security vulnerabilities to assist with patch prioritization and system update schedules.
  • Be part of a response team if business-critical applications are impacted by an advanced threat or compliance issue.


No matter what your role, or area of the business, Onapsis will help your organization transform how your business-critical applications are protected.