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Do you know if your ERP technical layer is configured appropriately? Are you aware that some default parameters may allow hackers to anonymously compromise your platform? Do you have an automated way to test the technical security of your ERP systems?

Whether you are an SAP security specialist or an Information Security professional you know that the security of your SAP platform is critical. SAP security goes well beyond Segregation of Duties. The Technical Layer (NetWeaver/Basis) which enables crucial tasks such as authentication, authorization, encryption, interfaces, logging and others is susceptible to severe attacks on your business information. In fact, most of the recent SAP Security Notes address issues at this layer.

Empirically, the overwhelming majority of even the most secure organizations are prone to attacks at this layer!

Onapsis solutions enable you to be on top of the real security status of your ERP systems. You can perform self-audits, with or without information about your current implementation, as frequently as you'd like. You can evaluate your ERP platform comprehensively - every landscape, system, client and interface - in one effort.

...for Security Professionals

Find out more about our solutions for Security Professionals:

  • Onapsis X1. Perform comprehensive black-box vulnerability assessments, automated SAP pentetration tests, and/or in-depth white-box security audits against your SAP infrastructure.
  • SAP Security Trainings. Learn how to perform comprehensive security assessments against one of the most critical business platforms used by your company.
  • Professional Security Services. Rely on a trusted third-party to evaluate the security of your most critical assets.