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SAP Security In-Depth Vol.4

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Have you ever wondered what could happen if your SAP platform was breached? Do you know how to prevent that?

You know that the threat landscape is changing. What used to be only an intellectual challenge for curious hackers, has now turned into a cybercrime industry where malicious entities are focused on performing cyberattacks to the leading organizations in the world. You know that your SAP platform contains your business crown jewels... and attackers also do.

Onapsis products allow you to easily identify, assess and mitigate the real-world risks affecting your business-critical SAP platforms. You will be able to obtain summarized information in a high-level business language that will clearly help you understand the risks you are facing and how to address them to protect your business crown jewels.

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Find out more about our solutions for Executives:

  • Onapsis X1. Automate SAP security assessments, reduce audit costs and keep 100% of your systems under control.
  • Professional Security Services. Rely on a trusted third-party to evaluate the security of your most critical assets.