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Are your current SAP security audits comprehensive enough? Have you ever performed SAP infrastructure audits beyond Segregation of Duties controls?

Large organizations rely on the results of their security audits in order to determine remediation action plans that prevent them from staying exposed.

If these security audits are incomplete, the security chain can be easily broken making large investments worthless and making the company susceptible to attacks of fraud, espionage and sabotage. At the top of these investments are the proper application of Segregation of Duties controls that, although completely necessary, are not sufficient on their own.

Onapsis solutions allow you to comprehensively and easily audit your entire SAP landscapes from a unique point of control, reducing time and effort, and featuring several pre-defined Audit Policies and the possibility of developing your own ones.

...for Auditors

Find out more about our solutions for Auditors:

  • Onapsis X1. Perform comprehensive security audits against the most common audit policies or create you own policy to check your SAP infrastructure against
  • SAP Security Trainings. Learn how to perform comprehensive security audit against one of the most critical business platforms used by the largest organizations in the world.
  • ERP Security Alliance™: The Onapsis Partner Program. Join the program and have immediate access to the most complete base of SAP and ERP security knowledge, specialized trainings and software solutions.