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SAP Security In-Depth Vol.4

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Onapsis is your trusted partner in providing security solutions to protect your SAP platforms against real-world cyber attacks.

For many years, SAP security has been a synonym of Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls, applying tight security configuration of user roles and profiles. While this kind of security is mandatory and of absolute importance, it is not enough. There are many threats that have been so far overlooked by the auditing and security industries and may be exposing your business-critical assets to espionage, sabotage and fraud attacks.

Onapsis works side-by-side with its global customers and provides innovative solutions to help them secure the business-critical information managed in their SAP platform from the rising trends of cyber-criminal attacks, enabling them to decrease business risks, enforce compliance requirements and reducing audit costs drastically.

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Find out more about our SAP security solutions:

  • Onapsis X1. Perform Automated Vulnerability Assessments, Compliance Audits and Penetration Tests against your SAP platform.
  • Professional Security Services. Work with our world-renowned experts to help you identify and mitigate security threats affecting your SAP systems.